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Harnessing the Power of AI and Computer Vision for Your Business

Empowering businesses with AI and computer vision technology. HiveCV is dedicated to delivering innovative software and hardware solutions for the future.

About Us

Who we are?

Our company vision is to be a whole IT department that brings innovation and high quality software and hardware solutions for a client who has an idea for an app that has potential for valuable impact on people lives and wants to create a prototype or an MVP to evaluate it with clients and investors and relies on us for all the technical aspects of the product development.

the clients idea for an app and proposing the best way of development and evaluation
Preparing development
roadmap with milestones and rough estimates for time of delivery and costs
Creating a quality code
and performing research related to the project both from software and hardware perspective
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Innovative Projects

Transforming Business and Organizational Success

What we deliver

High-quality code

Delivering product features in balance between speed and quality, ensuring the features are tested early and the development speed is maintained throughout the project lifetime

Hardware solutions for product deployment

Whether it’s searching the market for already available solutions or building a custom one, we want to pick a deployment platform suited to your needs and tailored towards current project stage

Latest AI solutions and custom in-depth research

Since AI field is constantly evolving, our team stays up to date with latest advancements and performs an AI research on our own to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Even if your project requires custom research, we will be happy to do it for you in the most holistic and insightful manner

Our Portfolio

Explore AI and computer vision solutions, boosting business and organization success with our innovative projects.

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Transform your numerical data into immersive, poetic visuals. Our AI system breathes life into weather, fitness, and music data by crafting unique stories and generating interactive videos inspired by these narratives. Experience real-time, artistic visualizations that simplify complex information and unlock a new world of creative understanding



Master the game with our AI-powered camera system. Analyze every move of the hockey puck with precision – from its path and speed to its position within the goal. Gain insights that elevate your performance and strategy, all in real time



Lumber is an open-source data aggregation and device configuration platform, with a user-friendly interface and developer-facing features like live preview and shell access.

Gesture Link

Gesture Link

Empower individuals with disabilities through AI-enhanced communication. Our adaptive camera system learns customized gestures and triggers essential actions like SMS or calls for assistance. Connect to various devices and experience the freedom of seamless, gesture-based interactions. Discover GestureGuard – the future of accessible communication.

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